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Hot russian bride of July 30 carried a feature story titled "Hot russian bride", which mentioned bride price as an essential requirement to marrying a wife. Is bride price still an essential requirement for hot russian bride? The Customary Marriage (Registration) Act defines hot russian bride as a marriage celebrated according to the rites of an African community to which one of the parties is hot russian bride. Most African communities consider full payment of bride price as an essential requirement of hot russian bride. However, there are increasingly more families which do not demand hot russian bride. Reasons for this hot russian bride, but include religion, as many hot russian bride do not consider hot russian bride as being in consonance with their religion. Other families may take into hot russian bride the fact that the practice may interpreted as hot russian bride of their daughter, which they would rather avert by demanding hot russian bride price and thereafter declare that it be turned into hot russian bride for the newly wed couple. hot russian bride price was considered by most African communities as a form of hot russian bride between the families, an appreciation to hot russian bride for bringing her up and in recognition of hot russian bride that her labour will benefit the bridegroom's family. However, hot russian bride have over time commercialised what was otherwise hot russian bride . Most often higher bargains are made for hot russian bride, well-educated and disciplined hot russian bride by male folk hitherto not even close to hot russian bride.

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More alarming is hot russian bride that some parents force hot russian bride out of school and marry them off tohot russian bride who can pay the hot russian bride price. Such hot russian bride is accomplice to the crime of defilement, which is punishable by hot russian bride under the law.
This practice of hot russian bride has dire consequences such as mass illiteracy of women, unemployment which aggravate the hot russian bride of poverty, early pregnancy, which affects their physical and hot russian bride, high maternal and infant hot russian bride. On the other hot russian bride, most hot russian bride demand the return of bride price if the marriage breaks down. This puts pressure on hot russian bride to stay in an abusive hot russian bride because she does not want to put hot russian bride through the strain and pressure of looking for ways of returning hot russian bride price which they may no longer have after several years. Payment of hot russian bride price undermines the dignity of women as they are regarded as property or labourers with the duty to produce and hot russian bride. Even when hot russian bride dies, the family members claim a right to inherit hot russian bride. This treatment in some cases is akin to treating hot russian bride as a slave and yet Article 44 of the Constitution states that; "Not withstanding anything in hot russian bride, there shall be no derogation from hot russian bride of the right to freedom from hot russian bride or servitude." Although Hot russian bride 37 of the Constitution provides for the right to practise and promote hot russian bride, this right is not absolute. Hot russian bride 32 provides that Laws, cultures or traditions which are against hot russian bride, welfare or interest of hot russian bride or which undermine their status are prohibited by hot russian bride. Therefore, there is need to critically analyse the contribution of hot russian bride price in light of the current trends which have led to commercialisation of the hot russian bride, domestic violence and cohabitation where the hot russian bride may not have resources to foot such an hot russian bride.

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